Monday, February 22, 2010

Sister Needs A New Set Of Wheels...

First and foremost, let me say a GIGANTIC thank you right off the bat for all the sweet and thoughtful comments about my car accident last week. They would pop up throughout the weekend and make me smile and feel so very loved at just the right moment. Truly, they are appreciated more than you know! That was definitely a scary experience that I've thought a lot about since it happened (and replayed over and over in my mind the moment when he crashed into my driver's side - not a good visual) and without being completely melodramatic and sounding trite and cliche, it has just made me think about how precious life really is - and how one wrong turn, or even two inches of difference on the point of impact - can make a world of difference.

Honestly, it has turned out to be a blessing in disguise that it happened - one, because I walked away virtually untouched, which is truly amazing when you see the damage to the car - and two, because it has given me a nice kick in the pants. I'm not ashamed to admit that I needed it. I think I was getting WAY too complacent about life, going along my merry little way without thinking about how much I've been given and blessed beyond comprehension with, and how it is time to stop being so me-focused and set my sights on the stuff that really matters. It's so easy after the craziness of the wedding to welcome the change of pace of settling into more normal life and with that, beginning to take things for granted, such as my faith, my husband, my home, my job, my good life in general. And so from now on, I never want to have a day where I forget to thank the good Lord for being so incredibly good to me.

That said, while I AM here on this earth, I suppose a new set of wheels are in order since my little White Lightning is now a goner. Man, she was a good car. I feel almost bad that she got so banged up and I got nothing. It's like she totally protected me and took it all upon herself. Wow, who knew I would be so sentimental about a freakin' car? They really do become a part of you!

So unless I want to carpool to work with Mr. T at 7 a.m. every morning (and um, no I do not, because he chooses to get there an hour ahead of everyone else to get a jump start on the day because he's such a go-getter and I am just fine getting there during normal hours, thankyouverymuch) which I assure you would get ugly - I am not a morning person and am doing good to get there with matching socks on my feet - I figured I better start car shopping pronto. So Mr. T and I started the process on a glorious spring-like day yesterday, (yes, I went bare-legged for the first time in ages, and my freshly shaven legs wanted to dance at finally feeling something other than chillbumps!) and though we didn't have a lot of time, I think I've already got it narrowed down to three choices. So this is where you come in, dear friends. Help a sister out and let me know what you think. Yeah, yeah, I'll do my research on MotorTrend and Consumer Reports and all that jazz, but I want your input, my sweets. Because I really will listen.

In terms of colors, let me just say that I like to keep it neutral - so I'm thinking black, white, or silver, with a teensy-tiny slight preference to black, for no real reason other than it always seems to look super-sharp on the road. And let me also add that I'm not really a car person, because there are WAY better things to spend money on, in my humble opinion. And I'll probably be tired of whatever it is I buy in about five years anyway. But I do want it to be safe, I do want it to carry me into my child-bearing years (and yes, that is crazy to think about, much less type) and I do want to look like a total supermodel behind the wheel. What, I'm just being honest. So behold, my top three choices, in no particular order:

The Nissan Maxima - isn't she a beauty? My first car when I turned 16 was a Nissan Altima and I did love it, but I just think that Maxima is smokin' hot. Though I must say, the Downtown Nashville Nissan crew has already lost points because of an email reply I got from a car salesman whose name was signed "Handsome" Jim Ransom. Seriously, he put that in the signature of his email. Who really nicknames himself? Furthermore, who puts that on a PROFESSIONAL email? Seriously, dude. Major stock drop on that one.

Next up? The Acura TSX. Now the first car I ever purchased all by myself was an Acura 3.0 TL, which I luuuhved. She and I were tight. And she was totally tricked out with leather, sunroof, all the fun stuff. And I am crazy in love with the 2009 TL's but they're a tad bit out of my price range. But this little TSX is catching my eye - it's a little sportier, with a little more sass. Definitely a top contender.

And finally, the Volvo S40. No, I've never had a Volvo, driven a Volvo, or even had a friend with a Volvo. But somehow it keeps reeling me in. Perhaps it is because of it's super-safe reputation (isn't it supposed to be one of the safest cars on the road?) or perhaps its that I've never had any interaction with Volvos and I feel like cool people drive them. Again, I'm just being honest.

Now, I should mention that the new Honda Accords get a very close fourth place honorable mention ribbon. I mean, White Lightning did hold her own and was about as good a car as I'll ever find. But I figure if I have to make a change anyway, I might as well try something new. It's kind of like when you find a lip gloss that you love and you probably should just buy the same color when you run out but you feel almost compelled to try something different because you want to exercise all of your options. Well, buying the same car would be kind of like that.

So there you have it, friends. Thoughts? Opinions? Any others you think I should throw into the mix? (Oh! And for you Nashville folk, any special places I should look that don't have salesmen like "Handsome" Jim Ransom)?


  1. I vote the Volvo. Its SICK & HOT. I LIVE for the Volvo's :)

  2. I just purchased a Nissan Altima, well I guess not just, it's been 2 years - and I absolutely LOVE it! I have not had one single issue with it and it is just fun with all the gadgets! :) I actually bought it from Downtown Nashville Nissan and was fortunate enough not to get handsome Jim :). I had and still have great service there, my salesman (Jeremy) actually called me last week on my 2 year anniversary to make sure I was still happy with it! So if you go back, ask for him! Good luck, looks like you have fabulous options!

  3. So very sorry to hear about your accident and so very happy that you are okay! There are few things scarier than being in a bad accident. I totaled my car last June and am still skittish on the road.

    I bought a Hyundai Elantra, but my second choice would have been a Nissan or Honda. I love Hyundai's reputation and warranty. You might try Action Nissan over on Thompson Lane. Good luck!

  4. I think my vote is obvious...but I'm bias. I'm TOTALLY an Acura gal. Good luck!!!

  5. Hey a place you may want to check out for your big purchase coming up (if your looking for a good price) would be Sunvertibles in Franklin TN. Right off the Murfreesboro exit on 65S. Eric and I recently bought a Ford Fusion (not from there we found one in AL) but we did spend a lot of time at Sunvertibles test-driving the cars and I must say they had the BEST prices we could find. Even my Dad (the very stingy and over researched buyer agreed! :)

  6. I'm still laughing at Handsome Ransom! Please tell me you watched How I Met Your Mother last night with the conversation of self-made up nicknames, ole Handsome would have fit in nicely!!!

  7. I'm crazy in love with volvos. The SUV and sedan version.

  8. I vote Volvo, that is one hott car!

  9. First, and foremost, I'm glad you walked away from the wreck. My heart dropped when I saw the ambulances and even more after seeing your car. Not sure what I would do if anything had happened to you. Secondly, I vote for a station wagon with wood paneling. I want to look cool driving around town too.
    Yours truly,
    "Captivating" Craig

  10. Acura ALL THE WAY!!!! 1)Because it is manufactured and they're great cars, but 2)Because they are amazing--fast, LOVE the inside, and safe, too... plus they look really good-haha!!!
    Good luck sweetie--any of those choices are GREAT


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