Monday, February 15, 2010

I Love Louise...

One of the best things I've discovered about blogging is the way it connects you with other bloggers, often times fellow brides, who are going through the same things you are when it comes to not having bridezilla-riffic meltdowns, attempting to document all the details of the big day, and then posting recaps that make you feel like you were right there in the room to watch their vows. There are so many awesome women right here in Nashville (see my link love on the right) that seem to capture this crazy chapter in one's life in such a fun and entertaining way through witty commentary, fantastic photos, and the like. But the best bloggers I have found and who keep me revisiting their blogs long after the wedding bells ring are those that make you feel like you've known them forever. Enter the lovely Louise, known to all of us in the blogosphere as The Thirty Something Bride.

This lady is the real deal, folks. I've never met her (which is insane, when you think we share a city) but I truly laugh out loud almost every time I read one of her posts and find even the most mundane details (i.e. why is a total waste of time) so very fascinating. Which is why when she shared that she would start a real wedding feature, and would I happen to want to be the first one, I jumped at the chance. I just knew she'd make me look good. And better than that, it would be authentic, real questions instead of the typical "how did you meet" number taht seems to start off every questionnaire you see these days. And let me tell you, she delivered.

Head over to her bodacious blog right now and check our our real wedding feature, "It's Real, Not Fake" as fast as your little fingers will carry you. And then give that girl some big time blog love, because boy does she deserve it.

Man, this just made my Monday a million times better...


  1. Aw! Thanks, babe! I'm so glad you like it! You do look totally awesome, you know. Soon we should have a Blogger Party.

  2. Read her post and loved it! Congrats on being featured... your wedding was gorgeous!:)

  3. You TOTALLY deserve to be featured! LOVED her post and LOVED your wedding (from what I was able to experience through blog-world ;) )!!!

  4. just read your feature and loved it!!! the story about your father leaning on you brought me to tears! so precious.


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