Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Getting Settled...Somewhat

Thanks to all of you sweet folks for commenting on the blog! I'm such a sucker for blog love. :)

It has been a crazy and chaotic few days for us getting moved in, unpacked, and settled into the new house. But thankfully, it really does feel like home, and has from the first night. (I'm not gonna lie, the surround sound has helped immensely in getting me acclimated).

And why we had to have terrential downpours for every day of the moving process is beyond me, but we managed. And thankfully, we didn't kill each other in the process.

So now, we try to figure out how to stuff 29 years worth of my stuff and 34 years worth of Mr. T's stuff into one little house. Which is interesting, to say the least. I've been so used to having my stuff and only my stuff for so long, that to see these foreign objects in my cabinet has been a little, well, foreign to me. But after putting away the last mismatched frosted mug last night (compliments of Craig's bachelor days) and waking up to this sweet sight this morning, I realized there really are perks to starting a life together in our very own place.

Forgive the mess (like I said, we still have lots of organizing to do), but if you'll look closely you'll say that he spelled out "I LOVE U" in silverware this morning. Awww. Best way to start my day ever. Don't think for a second I don't know how lucky I am to be marrying that guy. He made a good point - if we didn't have all that mismatched silverware, he could only have spelled "I LOV." Sweetness.


  1. That, my friend, is the cutest thing that I have ever seen!! :) Aww your man is so freaking sweet! Good luck getting all settled and organized in your new house! Hope it isn't long before you get everything just the way that you want it! :)

  2. And I just realized Miss Kris said the same thing...general consensus...how freaking cute!


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