Friday, September 11, 2009

And the winner is...

Happy Friday, friends! After a random number generator (provided here), I am pleased to announce that the winner of the Football Fan Freebie is Commenter #2...Miss Kriss! She is a fellow bride-to-be right here in Nashville and better yet, a fellow Bama fan, so even though I love her for that, you guys can't accuse me of playing favorites - you can see for yourselves she was randomly chosen fair and square!

One reason I love this girl is that in a recent blog post, she admitted to already picking out her adorable outfits for the big Alabama/Tennessee game on October 24th. Love her for that. I hope these will serve as the perfect accessory! So congrats and roll tide, Kristin! Contact me at and let me know your preference on colors for the earrings (though I bet I already know)!


  1. If you ever want to capture a screen shot, just press "Print Screen" on your keyboard above the Insert key. Then paste the photo in to Paint or Photoshop or whatever photo editing software you have, then cut and paste whatever section of the screen you'd like to show!

  2. Yaaay!! Thank you!!!! I'm soooo happy!! I've seriously never won ANYTHING before. You've totally made my day!! I'll be sending you an email, but you already know which ones I want! ;) Roll Tide!

  3. FYI to us losers - I saw very similar earrings at Forever Love at Cool Springs! Not NEARLY as nice, but verrrrry cheap!


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