Friday, August 27, 2010

Hair. Cut.

Exactly one week from today, I'll be getting my hair cut for the first time in six months. The last haircut I had was the day after I turned 30 years old, so naturally, I asked my stylist (who I have never used before, mind you) to chop it all off AND cut some fun bangs to usher me into my 30s in style. Bear in mind I had put in months and months of taking Biotin in an effort to grow said hair out for the wedding. After turning around in my chair and looking at my reflection, I then cried the entire way home and almost wrecked twice from checking it out in the rearview mirror in horror and disbelief of what I had just done. True story.

As luck would have it, we had a friend's wedding to go to that weekend, and since I had already decided I hated my new 'do, I quadruple hated it when trying to style it myself. The bangs were WAY too short, as in a full inch above my eyebrow (no lie), and I had to do something drastic. So I decided I'd go with a black bobby pin in hopes of pulling them back and making them blend. After several hours on the dance floor, it looked like this atrociousness.

Eeewwww. I tried to warn you it was awful.

So this time, I'm trying out a new salon (anyone local tried Element?) a new style, and possibly even a little color. I vascillate between wanting long, wavy locks with highlights (a la Audrina):

To a richer brown with sideswept bangs (a la Megan):

To keeping it short with a hip little bob like Heidi (though I won't be going blonde, don't worry):

Ugh, I hate being so indecisive sometimes. Care to cast your vote and help a sister out so I can avoid something like the birthday haircut again?


  1. You look pretty in that picture! I like audrina's style the best.

  2. Wynn at Chop Shop in Eat Nashville. You can have my spot. She's the BEST at cut and color. It ain't cheap though.

  3. Lillian... what are you talking about sister, you look FABULOUS in the picture above!!! =) And I think you'd look great in any of the above do's!


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