Monday, August 2, 2010

From Coast to Coast...

What a weekend! Mr. T and I had a little impromptu date night on Friday with a very sub-par sushi dinner (boo) made up with a very rich and delish slice of cheesecake in honor of National Cheesecake Day. Don't you love when you have a great excuse for an indulgence? Presenting the newest guy on the Cheesecake Factory block - Reese's Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake Cheesecake. OMG. And for the record, we split this. So it wasn't THAT bad, right? Right?

On Saturday, we continued the not-so-healthy streak with a full breakfast at our friend's house to "carb up" before the Brewer's Festival, where I am happy to report I have discovered my new favorite brew. Presenting Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy. It is heavenly on a hot summer day.

Speaking of hot, here we are in the first week of August with near 100 degree temps for the next five days. Luckily, I will not be here to enjoy said temps, since I'm basically going from coast to coast over the next six days. I'll be heading to San Francisco for a work event on Wednesday, back on Thursday, and then to Washington DC on Friday for a little thing I like to call a GIRLS TRIP! Can you say jet lag? But oh so worth it.

As you can see, I'm pretty much following Hwy 50 clear across the ole U.S. of A. The only negative to all this traveling is that I won't have more time on the West Coast. I so love San Fran, and would love to rent a bicycle for a little jaunt across the Golden Gate Bridge. Am I an avid bike rider? No. Would being suspended over water with cars rushing by scare me? Probably. But it still seems like it would be a good thing to put on my Bucket List.

I'm over-the-moon excited for our girls weekend in Washington D.C. Stacy, my best friend since our college days at Samford, lives there and has mapped out quite a weekend for us including lots of fun restaurants, watering holes, boutiques, and even a place for an afternoon pedicure. I absolutely can't wait to catch up with her and two of our other friends (one from high school, and one from college, who are now best friends themselves!) and just enjoy a little girl time.

With Stacy, my beautiful friend and maid of honor, on my wedding day!

As for tonight, I'm literally counting down the hours until Ali picks her bachelor - oh, and I have officially switched over to Team Chris - and enjoy a little shrimp and scallop dinner with my husband to celebrate seven months of married bliss TODAY! Funny how we got married on the coldest day in Nashville and will be celebrating today on one of the hottest! Seriously though, who wouldn't want to come home to this handsome man every day? Hubba hubba.

Happy anniversary, honey! I'll never stop thanking the Big Guy for bringing you to me. :)


  1. Happy 7 months babe. Best 7 months of my life. The picture of me in this post needs to be replaced. I don't like my hand placement. Love you.

  2. I love how Stacy's post says anonymous ;) BTW, I would never in a million years share that cheesecake with Justin. I'm a Reese's fanatic and would absolutely eat the whole thing myself :) I saw that they got the new cheesecake on facebook. I'm anxiously awaiting the time to go to cheesecake factory...

  3. You have such a fun week planned!! I can't wait to hear about your girls weekend!!!!

    PS - that cheesecake is making me re-think my weight watchers lunch! You only live once, right?

  4. Our journey has begun!… secretly though

    If I’ve left you this message, you’re a follower of my original blog ~OR~ just someone I’ve happened upon while sending out these invites and that I would LOVE for to come along for the ride! Though I won’t be revealing who I am just yet – until we’re TO and THROUGH the first trimester! Just getting the word out about our new site – further explanation of all the secrecy and what we’re about on my first post. I’d love for you to stop by.

    Exciting things going on around here!

    ~ the {secret} *Maybe* Baby Mama


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