Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Oh Happy Day!

Hi folks! I promise the recap is coming shortly - I'm just REALLY loving married life right now and trying to just relax a little and enjoy it. Which means no blog posts when I could be cuddled up with my new husband on the sofa watching The Bachelor with a shared bottle of Riesling. :)

But I had to share my new favorite picture from our wedding day. The fur jacket was too perfect for that cold winter day, and I loved how the black ribbon sash coordinates so perfectly with my handsome husband's tux. He is a hottie. And I am SUCH a lucky girl.


  1. OMG I think you're right we ARE going to be fast friends because I LOVE your taste sister! :) Your fur jacket is AH-MAZING! And we do love ourselves some pizza as well. AND you love Reisling (my fav wine) too bad we live states apart :( We'll just drink our Reisling and cheers to each other :) Thank you for visiting my blog, I LOVE yours! And holy COW the recipe is so dang easy sneezy. Here you go ...

    Pillsbury thin crust pizza dough
    Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce
    Pre-cooked grilled chicken strips (I'm pretty sure they're Tyson?)
    Whatever cheese you like - I used the Italian 5 Cheese or something like that ... but I think mozzarella and cheddar mixed would've been better

    Pre-heat to 400, roll out the dough on a greased cookie sheet, add the BBQ sauce (but not too much cause it's kinda spicy and VERY flavourfull) then the cheese (I did not put enough, I'd say go overboard instead of under but that's preference I think) and then the chicken. Cook for 13 minutes (we like soft thin crust) and voila, you're DONE! And pair with some Reisling of course ;)

  2. You, my friend, made an absolutely gorgeous bride! But then again, I'm not at all surprised - I completely knew you would! I am soooo excited about hearing all the details from your wedding day and also dishing about how I am going to go nuts before May gets here! Can we get that drink sooner than later?! Pretty please?!

    Oh, and P.S. - Your new header photo? Absolutely adorable!

  3. cannot wait to see more!!! you were STUNNING!

  4. Beautiful bride! Can't wait to see more!


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