Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I Wish Wednesday

I just discovered the adorable Kelsey at The Seattle Smith's and found a great idea for a hump day blog feature - Wishful Wednesday! Today she's discussing the Golden Globe gowns. I must admit, I am way more interested in the red carpet arrivals than I am in the actual awards. I told Craig that just one day I would love to get all dolled up in a gorgeous dress, have people fuss over my hair and makeup, borrow some over the top jewelry from a fancy jeweler, and work it for a day. Oh wait - I just did all that two weeks ago on our wedding day - HA! Wish granted. :)

But I still want to play Kelsey's fun game, so here we go...

I Wish I could have worn the gown that
Heidi Klum wore at the Golden Globes!

Umm, how many kids has she had? If I didn't love her I would want to kill her.

I just adore that mermaid shape - if it didn't emphasize my booty so much, I would have chosen that style for my wedding dress. Instead I went with the classic A-line, and I must say, I loved my dress. For me, there was just something about that shape I couldn't resist - the minute I put it on I felt exactly like I pictured in my head when I was a little girl. And who knows, maybe I'll have a daughter of my own one day who will want to wear it. Though I'm sure the brides of the 80's thought the same about their long sleeved numbers. Yowza.

And in the hair and makeup category, I choose the exotically gorgeous Penelope Cruz.

She nails it every time. She works the Latin look, and I've always said she is the one person I would want to look like if I got to choose. I love her that much.

OK, so I'm getting serious about my wedding recap post, people. Really I am. I'm just not sure where to start because there is SO very much I want to be sure and cover, so I procrastinate by playing fun little "Wishful Wednesday" games. I used to do this same thing all the time in college by waiting until the 11th hour to start writing my papers, and then I would gorge on Mt. Dew and pull an all-nighter and in a zombie stupor walk to class to turn in something I honestly couldn't remember writing at all, when all I really had to do was devote a little time to it each day.

So tonight after my small group with my lovely ladies from church, I've committed to seriously breaking it down, day by day, then starting my series with the day that kicked off our wedding weekend, which happened to be the last day of the year. And the decade, for that matter. We're talking New Year's Eve, people. And what did this little bride decide to do? That's right, tack on another party, a welcome party for that matter, because clearly an entire wedding weekend full of things to do was not enough for me to handle. I do think I turned a little crazy there at the end with all of my bright ideas that had Mr. T scrambling for a package of Oreos for the Oreo truffles I just had to make for the party. And want to know where those Oreos are? On the top shelf of my pantry, where they have remained since Craig brought them home from the grocery store and I realized that there was simply no way I could put my Donna Reed hat on and whip up some stinkin' truffles with about 30 guests arriving at our new home for the party. As if our closest friends who we never get to see really cared about some freakin' truffles. But in my mind, you see, I had to be Event Planner Extraordinaire and make sure I set the table like Martha Stewart. In my head I was thinking a nice little dessert bar to go along with nicely chilled bottles of champagne on a beautifully set table with silver decor. Instead we made a mad dash for strawberry and wedding-cake flavored cupcakes from The Cupcake Collection in Germantown and the girls and I made up our own Champagne Punch concoction in the beverage dispenser we got as a wedding gift (which I love, love, love) and I really can't tell you what it included. I do know at one point someone threw in a dash of red wine, when she really mean to use fruit punch. Whoopsie. But it did taste delicious, and that is coming from someone who had no tastebuds because that same someone got deathly ill two days before the wedding. Oh yes, indeed. I am quite the example for what happens when a bride takes on too much. Like I said, I kind of lost it thinking I could pull that one off. Anyway, more on that by week's end. My goal is to write it Thursday night after Grey's Anatomy and before the 10:00 news. It should be a comical post since that will be right after I get home from a girls' night happy hour, where I can assure you a cocktail or two will be imbibed with some of my favorite friends. Stay should be interesting!


  1. Great dress choice...I am way too short for that one...mermaid part would have to start at my waist! :)

    And congrats on the recent were a beautiful bride!!!!

  2. The mermaid dress is my favorite -- so flattering for a curvy body!!


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