Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Maggie's Monthly Milestones: Month 1

In an attempt to remember all these precious "firsts" of Maggie's life, I decided to start a monthly installment called "Maggie's Monthly Milestones." I do love good alliteration. :)

Maggie, at one month old, here you are!

Weight: 8.1

Height: 21 inches

Clothes: Newborn (you probably could have worn preemie those first few weeks though)

Eye color: A beautiful dark blue

Doctor's orders: At your two week check-up, doc said you were doing great! He told us to keep up the feed every three hours routine, and then let you go at night. Made our day to hear that, since you have proven you are quite the little sleeper. (You take after your mom like that).

Biggest accomplishment: Sleeping for a 6 hour stretch. Could you please keep that up?

Funniest moment: On our way to a pediatrician appointment, you had quite a blowout that your lucky Daddy got to change, since Mom was getting ready. Upon coming into the nursery to see if we were ready to go, I see a stack of diapers, wipes, a change of clothes, and a very overwhelmed look on Dad's face as he said "I don't think you understand what just happened here." You had a very pleased look on your face - I think you were pretty proud of your first BIG poopy diaper!

How we spend our day: Since we are breastfeeding (and loving it now that we have the hang of it), we start the day with a nursing session in bed, while Mom watches the Today Show when she's not watching your little jaws work. After Mom's cup of coffee (welcome back, beloved java), we go for a midmorning walk in your stroller, since you seem to love to be outside and in anything that moves, though you typically sleep the entire time. We really took advantage of the beautiful weather, and the exercise combined with breastfeeding helped Mom get back to her pre-pregnancy weight pretty quickly. Once we're back home, we nurse again, then you're usually back to sleep for an afternoon nap on the sofa (surrounded by your boppy) while Mom tries to get things done around the house, though I usually just want to stare at you! Once Dad gets home from work, he gets his Maggie time by giving you a bottle of breast milk and taking over diaper duty. You usually go back to sleep while we eat dinner, and then nurse twice more before bedtime. Bedtime varies from day to day - it could be midnight or it could be 2 a.m., but you do love sleeping in your pack and play in our room, and have been sleeping there since your first night home. Mom has the camera set up in the bedroom so she can look at you on the monitor at anytime - and does so often through the night to be sure you're still there!

Likes: Being swaddled, being read to at bedtime, being held by all your visitors, short sleeved onesies or your Baptist t-shirts (they are the easiest for changing), going for rides in your carseat or your stroller, and taking a nap in your swing!

Dislikes: Bathtime, though you seem to be warming up to it, slowly but surely. Being woken up, having your diaper changed, and being put on your tummy for tummy time.

Trips You've Taken: We've made you quite the foodie! You've been to Taco Mamacita for lunch, Germantown Cafe for Sunday brunch, and Jimmy Kelly's for dinner during Restaurant Week. Also, two trips to the pediatrician, one trip to the grocery store, and two trips to Target!

Sweetest Memory: Seeing you smile in your sleep. It absolutely melts Mommy's heart. I can't wait until you actually smile AT us!

Until next month, my love. Thank you for making this the best month of my life!


  1. So sweet! Love your update! :) What a cutie, congrats!!!

  2. Congratulations! She is absolutely adorable!

  3. She is so precious! I have to meet her in person ASAP! :) Yay for Maggie's first month! :)

  4. She's absolutely adorable! And OMG the Garden Brunch Cafe...we discovered it on our last trip to Nashville in July and fell in love with the banana fosters pancakes, too! Yum!


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