Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Right this very moment, Baby Girl is kicking me like cuh-razy. Like, I can see the little jumps through my shirt. And I am in absolute heaven. It is truly the coolest thing in the entire world to feel those little nudges, reminding me she is growing and somersaulting right there in my belly.

She started the "flutters" on April 14, which was my 21st week - I know because naturally, I wrote it down so I wouldn't forget. I was so anxious to feel something, we would try everything. Saying her name, shining a flashlight, gently pressing my stomach. And nothing. Girlfriend was stubborn. But then, I felt...something. And at first, it's just like you read in the books - it's so quick and so fleeting, like a really light popcorn popping or butterfly wings fluttering that you almost question if you felt it at all.

But then...

Then it starts getting good. Then they start to get a little stronger. And bigger. And you start to notice a pattern (my little girl loves to get moving right after a meal). I like to think it's her way of telling me she appreciates good food just like I do. And without fail, almost every time I call to Mr. T to "come feel!" and he puts his hand on my stomach, she'll stop, just messing with him. But lately, I can tell when she's being active, and he can usually catch a few kicks during our TV time on the couch. And every time, he has the same one-word response: "Whoa." Whoa is definitely right. It never, ever gets old. And I'm pretty sure she has him wrapped around every one of those precious fingers and toes with every movement she makes (now evidenced by my husband's sweet comment below - he's the "anonymous" one.) :)

I love to picture her tiny feet in there just kicking up a storm. Crazy to think she's delightfully oblivious to what's going on outside the womb, and is just fine just doing her thing in there. And with all that is happening in the world around us, from the lows (terrible tornadoes) to the highs(captured terrorists) and everything in between, I am so very thankful for the moments of peace that come with those little movements, and I feel like all is right in the world again.

Keep kicking, little one. Your mother falls in love with you a little more every time you do.


  1. I agree its one of the best parts of being pregnant. :)
    Now just wait till she decides to start kicking at you around 2am and decides its time to party and mommy to be can't fall back asleep. :) So happy for you!!

  2. It's quite possibly the coolest thing that I have ever experienced...and she definitely has me already wrapped around her finger.....


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