Monday, March 14, 2011

Birthday Recap and 16 Week Belly Pic

Oh, what a weekend! I honestly can't think of a single thing that could have made it any better. First, we celebrated the ole birthday (by the way, turning 31 was way less traumatic then turning 30) at my favorite restaurant, Red Pony, down in Franklin, with two of our good friends. P.S. Red Pony's Shrimp and Grits = Best meal I've had in months. Seriously.
But this wasn't just any birthday dinner. Oh no, sneaky Mr. T had a surprise planned, and when we walked outside to get in the car, he had a driver waiting for us to take us there in style in a beautiful black Mercedes Benz! I bet I made the baby dizzy I was jumping up and down so much. And grinning from ear to ear for the whole ride. Literally, I couldn't have stopped smiling if I tried. He had even thought to have sparkling water for us to enjoy in lieu of champagne. My husband is wonderful, y'all.

With our wonderful driver, Boyd. Can you believe he's in his 70's? He was awesome.

Love our friends, Liz and Adam! And wow, I look way pregnant here.

I spy a Benz. And a very hot husband :)

So yes, I would say that Mr. T has officially spoiled me. He has managed to pull off a birthday surprise for the 3rd year in a row. Two years ago he proposed (that was a biggie) and last year he helped throw a surprise 30th birthday party. You have set the bar high for yourself, babe!
Saturday brought the most beautiful day we have seen in months, so naturally, I got my hair done to continue the birthday celebration. (Oh yes, my birthday is celebrated for a week rather than a day, starting the Sunday before and ending the Sunday after. I strongly encourage you to do the same.)
That afternoon we headed to East Nashville for a fun baby shower for our friends Alison and Justin. I would show you a picture of the guest of honor but you would hate her because she's due next month and has only gained 15 freakin' pounds. The nerve. I can't believe I'm friends with someone who would do that to me and make me look terrible when I gain a LOT more than that. She seriously looks great. But the shower was lots o' fun and we got home just in time to make it a movie night. I had rented The Town on Netflix and while it was nothing like I expected, I do give it four stars. It held a pregnant woman's attention on a late Saturday night, so that is to be commended. I'm notorious for falling asleep about 10 minutes in...just call me Grandma these days.
Oh and I can't forget another fun thing we did on Saturday...our 16 week bump photo shoot!
We took these right before we headed out for the shower. And as you can tell, Mama and Baby T are most definitely growing! I had to unbutton my pants for the first time after our post-church Sunday lunch. The baby seemed to like it better that way. :)


  1. I can already tell you are going to be a fabulous looking pregnant Mama! Loving the pictures!

  2. SUPER cute dress in the belly pic!!! Is it weird if I say I can't wait for you to be bigger?!?!?! Do you have names yet?

  3. You're so cute! :)

    Love that your hubs has surprised you 3 years in a row now! Too sweet!

    Lauren @ tickled.

  4. It's so sweet that your husband continues to surprise you year after year! I'm happy to hear you had such a great Birthday weekend. I also love your dress in the 16 week pics. You look fantastic!

  5. Super cute belly photos and happy belated bday!

  6. Belly pictures are always the cutest! Love to see the progress. Love your dress too!!!


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