Thursday, December 17, 2009

License to Wed

Wow, that sounds like a really bad romantic comedy from the 80's - License to Wed. Anyway...

Look at what we did yesterday! That would be Mr. T signing the ole wedding license form. It's getting real, people. Look, he even has a little smile on his cute face. Probably because he was making fun of me for taking a photo of documentation at the county clerk's office, but whatever, I found it blogworthy... :)

It's official! See our pretty little signatures?

And the best part? Our sweet little minister, the highly acclaimed Ralph Griggs, gave us a certificate for completing pre-marriage counseling (which actually consisted of watching The Story of Us, one of my favorite movies of all time - you can't beat that kind of homework) which got us a whopping $60 knocked off that $99 marriage license. $40 bucks later, we're practically married...

16 days!


  1. Blogworthy, for sure.

    P.S. I LOVE that movie. Love.

  2. I love that we all have basically the same picture!!! Are you not totally psyched????

    P.S. I will require a photo of the OOT!


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